The Nostalgic Theatre performs shows that are made up of 2-3 selected themes that meet the needs of the audience. Examples are : The Roaring Twenties, The War Years (WW2), The 50s, The 60s as well as special themes such as Broadway, Country and Western and Disney.

Performances are normally in the afternoon or evening and last from 40 minutes to 1 ½ hours, depending on the wishes of the organization. We bring our own sets, props, costumes and lighting. We have performed in many settings from church halls to hotel conference centres. Our venue is your chosen location.

Typical 15-30 minute segments that are combined, make up a full program which includes:

The Roaring 20s, The 2nd World War years (40s), Many different decades, eg. 50s, 60’s thru to today, Country and Western, Singing Minstrels and Christmas shows.


Singing - Individuals, Duets and Chorus Routines

We cover all periods of the year; Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas. This includes many different themes, plus we are always looking to bring new elements of song to our team.

Acting - Sketches and Monologues

Monologues, sketches and group routines that aim to cheer up the audience. We might even get an OSCAR nomination one year!

Dancing -Tap Dancing, Group Routines and Impromptu

Dancing along to a variety of styles based upon the shows that we perform. We try to vary the shows so that we can bring new elements of dance to the floor.

Themes - Country and Western, Broadway, Christmas Show

Songs including: Don’t Fence Me In, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and more!




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St Francis - St Martins Catholic Church, London.

Rehearsals take place on Wednesday's, from 1-3pm

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The Cast

‘The Nostalgic Theatre’ (TNT) is a group of voluntary, amateur performers who prepare and present, variety shows to organizations such as service clubs, churches, retirement residences and nursing homes. Shows may include comedy sketches, songs, monologues and dances, all designed to appeal to your specific audience.


(Spring Shows Now Postponed)

Postponed until further notice!

Postponed until further notice!

Postponed until further notice!

Postponed until further notice!

Monday September 21st, 2020
Show Set-up Starts: 12:00pm
Show Starts: 1:00pm

Thursday November 26th, 2020
Show Set-up Starts: 1:00pm
Show Starts: 2:00pm
81 Grand Ave,
London, ON

Friday December 4th, 2020
Show Set-up Starts: 1:30pm
Show Starts: 3:00pm


The quality of the shows that TNT puts on, is of the highest order. Our residents always ask for them to come back again and again.

Cathy Huddleston
Chelsey Park Retirement Community

We have never yet been disappointed with the show that the Nostalgic Theatre has ever put on for us.

Sharon Berman
Royalcliffe Retirement Residence

An absolute must for entertainment, especially for our residents. A GREAT team."

Jeff Aziz
Longworth Retirement Village

TNT gives one of the most entertaining shows that you could ever ask for

Sarah Lawrence
Amica Retirement residence