About Us


The Nostalgic Theatre’ (TNT) is a group of voluntary, amateur performers who prepare and present, variety shows to organizations such as service clubs, churches, retirement residences and nursing homes. Shows may include comedy sketches, songs, monologues and dances, all designed to appeal to your specific audience.

“Young at Heart” … that’s our motto and describes us best. We meet and rehearse weekly, put together a show that we love to do, which time and time again has been enthusiastically received by our audiences.


The Nostalgic Theatre was formed in 1978, (thru the efforts of the late Mary Ashwell), when a group of people who shared an interest in theatrical performance – some as actors, or comics, others as singers and, more likely than not, anyone who aspired to do all of the above. The key was to perform, to earn the applause of the audience.

The company currently consists of 23 individuals, ranging from actors, singers and an accompanist, to a support group who are responsible for props, sets and lighting. Most are retired and have a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. With this diversity, we have come to experience through our weekly rehearsals and the close collaboration, a drawing together that sustains us through all of our shows. We succeed, in spite of all the classic theatre tensions, due to; script changes, show deadlines and the fear of facing an audience.

At first glance one might wonder if the troupe is from an episode of the “Golden Girls” (or Boys) but once they actually see the show they realize what the troupe is really all about. We try to put on a light-hearted show, no heavy drama – we want people to have a good time. We believe a good way to do this is to help people recall their good times and in so doing, rekindle in them the nice feelings that came with that.